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Claudia Diaz Melgar

Claudia Diaz Melgar graduated from the University of California San Diego, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics with a specialization in Speech and Language Sciences. Claudia is a certified paralegal and has worked in multiple personal injury law firms giving her a strong insight into the legal process, medical terminology, and client communication. 

About Me

Claudia Diaz Melgar was raised by a single mother in a diverse, low-income neighborhood in Los Angeles.  Throughout her childhood, Claudia was exposed to difficult life circumstances that have made her appreciative of the different resources available to the public, among those being the judicial system. While studying at UCSD, Claudia developed a passion for languages and an appreciation for the differences in other cultures. Claudia has worked in various fields, but has enjoyed her work as a paralegal the most as it provides her with an opportunity to serve her community. Outside of work, Claudia loves good tacos, horror movies, and spending time with her cats, Ivy and Nino.

Contact (Spanish Speaking)

I have an in-depth knowledge of the legal process, and am happy to help our clients in any way I can.  


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