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This page helps to organize and explain significant steps in your injury claim. While this is not a comprehensive list of possible events that may occur or not occur during the life of your legal claim, it notes the most important phases following an accident, and offers a general overview of the legal process of an injury claim.

Crashed Car


Accident/Injury Causing Event

When an automobile accident or any other injury-causing event occurs, the first priority is to ensure your own safety and the safety of those in your care (such as a passenger in your vehicle).


Seek Medical Treatment

Following an accident or injury-causing event, you should seek medical attention to ensure you are not experiencing any physcial or internal injuries as a result of the event. 

Reviewing Legal Agreement


Contact an Attorney

To ensure your rights are preserved, it is best to contact an attorney you trust. An experienced attorney can evaluate your claim and explain what your rights are in a way that is easy to understand. Anthony Kalikas is an experienced attorney passionate about protecting the rights of his clients.


Continue/Complete Medical Treatment

Once you have retained an attorney, he will advise you to continue medical treatment until your treating physicians have released you from further treatment. 

Physical Therapy Session
Business Meeting


Settlement Negotiations

Once you have been released by your treating physicians, then the attorney will initiate settlement negotiations on your behalf. 



If settlement is not reached, your attorney will file a claim on your behalf beginning the process of litigation. 

Information Technology



Once your case has been filed with the Court and litigation is underway, you may receive Discovery which is the exchange of information regarding your accident, injuries, and potential lost wages. This process may include taking your deposition.



Mediation is a formal settlement conference which may occur prior to trial. If the case is still unable to settle then the case will then be argued at a jury trial. Attorney Kalikas is an experienced trial attorney who is prepared and highly qualified to protect your legal interests in front of a judge and jury at trial. 

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