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Natasha Graves, Esq.

Natasha Graves graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA with a Bachelor's degree in both International Political Economy and Business Studies.  Natasha graduated summa cum laude from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and has enjoyed mentorship from Attorney Kalikas for over three years. Natasha also worked as a law clerk at Family Law San Diego, before returning to South Coast Injury Law Center in February 2022. 

About Me

Natasha Graves is an Associate Attorney who is passionate about solving legal dilemmas and helping people through difficult experiences that may result in legal action. Natasha lived overseas for many years and has a deep understanding for ethnic, and cultural differences and believes compassion and respect for people can go a long way. Natasha dreamt of becoming a lawyer her entire life, and values hard work, loyalty, integrity and perseverance. In her time off, you can find Natasha spending time with her cats, riding horses, and cooking good food.


I am passionate about client satisfaction and communication, and look forward to serving your needs! 


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