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Am I Required to Report my Accident to my Insurance?

Feb 15, 2023

If the other driver has reported the accident to their insurance, am I required to report it to mine? This article answers this common question and provides insight on the post-accident insurance claim process and requirements.

The short answer is YES. You are required to report an accident to your car insurance company. You can do this by simply calling your insurance company hotline and opening up a "claim", or in some cases, you can report auto accidents on your insurance company's respective mobile phone application ("app"). If you do not report your accident, your insurance company has the right to deny you benefits under your policy. In this case, it operates as if you did not have insurance at all. If your insurance company denies you the benefits under your policy, you may be responsible for paying your medical expenses resulting from the accident.

It is crucial to contact an experienced attorney right away following an automobile accident. A skilled attorney, like Anthony E. Kalikas, can quickly inform you of your legal rights, and provide advice one how to handle an insurance claim. Call or send a message to us today!

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